Sunday Services

We are very excited to present our Autumn Term Card. This outlines what we will be learning about in our Sunday services, which are held at St Peter’s school.

Where? Sunday Services are held at St Peter’s Secondary School in the main hall, just through to the right of the main reception area. If you come to the main entrance, you can’t miss us! Click here for details of how to get here if you’re not sure.

When? Services start at 10:30am and last about 70 minutes. Tea and coffee (and biscuits!) are served after the service, so that we can spend a bit more time getting to know each other.

What? Services are informal, just like a family gathering. We will be looking at passages of the Bible, hearing from a preacher as to what the Bible is telling us about God and ourselves, singing songs to God and about God and spending time praying together.

Children are most welcome. The more the merrier! There are small children’s groups during most services. There are a range of activities for the children to do, as they learn more about the Bible and the God the Bible speaks about.

There is nothing special that you need to wear or do, just come as you are. All are welcome.

Need help getting to us? Click here for help finding us or contact us to arrange a lift. There are people coming from all round the wider Huntingdon area, so do please ask us if you need a lift.

We upload Sunday sermons each week so you can catch up or listen again. Visit our Sermons page to listen.